Richard Dawkins And Dr Rowan Williams To Debate Religion At Cambridge Union

31/01/2013 08:21 | Updated 31 January 2013

Professor Richard Dawkins and Dr Rowan Williams will debate the role of religion in the modern world at the Cambridge Union Society on Thursday night.

Prominent atheist Prof Dawkins and the former Archbishop of Canterbury will discuss whether "religion has no place in the 21st century" at the university's famous debating society.

dawkins williams

The famous atheist (left) and the former Archbishop will debate at Cambridge Union

The pair were involved in a public discussion at Oxford University last year on the nature and origin of human beings.

Ben Kentish, president of the union, said it should be a highlight of the debating society's 200-year history.

"Our speakers are the most renowned commentators on this subject," he said.

"The prospect of seeing Professor Dawkins and the former Archbishop of Canterbury debate the subject is particularly exciting for our members."

Professor Tariq Ramadan, Andrew Copson, chief executive of the British Humanist Association, and Douglas Murray, founder of the Centre for Social Cohesion, will also take part.


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