Transfer Deadline Day Live Blog

31/01/2013 10:20

31/01/2013 19:33 GMT

Time to say goodnight

It's been a long day and there'll no doubt be deals to follow, which you'll be able to read up on in the morning. Let's just hope if Nacho Monreal joins Arsenal their fans' chant for him is to this. "Monreal... Monreal!... MONREAL!"

31/01/2013 19:29 GMT

Ray Von is wrong

In case you hadn't already guessed.

31/01/2013 19:21 GMT

Maarten Stekelenburg

A fake Martin Samuel account has fooled a Mirror journalist and also those over at the Guardian, who quoted Ray Von from Phoenix Nights...


31/01/2013 18:54 GMT

Kevin Phillips

He's set to sign for Crystal Palace at the age of 39, the ageless wonder. He continues his successful quest to never retire.

31/01/2013 18:42 GMT

Hoy hoy, Hoilett's going no where

@ tonyfernandes :

Junior hoillet not going anywhere. He's is a key player for the future. Needs a good run in the team. RT ...

31/01/2013 18:41 GMT

Stoke fans

They are the worst, come deadline day. And the most disturbing...

stoke fans

31/01/2013 18:36 GMT

A superior PSG signing

"I am watching the Beckham circus and on one of the French TV channels very close to PSG (they own it) has reported that FELLIANI could be a PSG player today!" according to the Guardian.

31/01/2013 18:33 GMT

Simpsons time

Some genius put together all those clips to make the McBain movie

31/01/2013 18:20 GMT

Beckham and his shirt

david beckham

31/01/2013 18:00 GMT


Yes, Sky Sports News presenters are bad for your health. So I was away making a brew as the drivel continued.

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