Harry Styles' 19th Birthday was never going to be a dull affair, and now pictures are emerging which apparently show just how wild the night really was.

Harry turned 19 last week and decided to toast the event with not one but two nights out on the town.

While his Thursday night celebrations saw him heading out with a group that included two former girlfriends in the shape of Caroline Flack and Cara Delevingne, on Friday he had just 39 of his closest friends to celebrate with.

Heading out in East London, Harry had a night on the town with Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw, TV presenter Miquita Oliver, Pixie Geldof, and band mate Niall Horan.

harry styles birthday

Harry had not one, but two birthday parties

After apparently racking up a bar bill of almost £2,000, which included an astonishing 99 frozen margaritas, the group headed off to a different bar, where Harry got a saucy surprise from his pals when a stripper dressed as police officer turned up.

Judging by the leaked snaps, Harry looked fairly embarrassed by the whole thing, but was happy enough to pose with the stripper and his friend Nick, once she had put her clothes back on again.

A source told the Mirror: "It lasted about ten minutes but the girl stayed after the dance and chatted to guests. She took her clothes off but kept her bra and pants on.

"There were lots of party poppers being let off. They wanted to embarrass him. It wasn't meant to be a sexy thing… it was just for fun."

And since no party would be complete without a birthday cake, his pals had also arranged for Harry to have a special carrot cake brought out with his name on it, but if he hoping to have some things did not quite go to plan - "It was decimated because people ate it with their hands. They just pulled it apart and started throwing it at each other," the source added.

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  • 1. He's got lovely, bouncy curls which we'd love to run our fingers through.

  • 2. He's not afraid of getting naked.

  • 3. He's got a rather nice voice, which he could serenade us with.

  • 4. He was the cutest kid ever - just look at those cheeks!

  • 5. His bromance with Nick 'Grimmy' Grimshaw. We heart a good bit of man love.

  • 6. He scrubs up well in a suit. Yum!

  • 7. He loves animals *melts*.

  • 8. He gave Taylor Swift enough material for about 10 more albums during their relationship.

  • 9. He has tattoos. Lots of tattoos. OK, many are questionable but it just adds to his allure.

  • 10. He loves his mum. Bless!

  • 11. He always gets the best girls (we love Flacko almost as much as Harry).

  • 12. He's part of our favouritest band ever (ok, this week) - One Direction.

  • 13. He's got a filthy mouth.

  • 14. He's got some flashy cars. And a Capri. This is very cool indeed.

  • 15. He's not afraid to make a fool of himself (yes, that is him inside that thing).

  • 16. He's touchy feely. Especially when it comes to his bandmate's bits.

  • 17. He's the Robbie of 1D.

  • 18. He's charitable - 1D are releasing this year's Comic Relief single.

  • 19. He'd be an amazing mate. We are sure of this.