Kerry Katona 'Overwhelmed' After Series Of Cryptic Messages Between Her And Boyfriend George Kay

06/02/2013 12:54

Ooooh she's SUCH a tease that Kerry Katona.

She's got us all narrowing our eyes and scratching our chins after a series of cryptic tweets between her and her man, George Kay appeared on Twitter earlier today.

kerry katona

In the first, the former Atomic Kitten star tweeted George with the message: "@mrgsjkay baby this is the first night to the rest of our life's!! I know we're gonna be sooo happy here, love you xxxx"

He then replied: "@KerryKatona7 I'm so happy baby!! It's hard to take in, first day of the rest of our lives xxxx

She's since tweeted that she's 'feeling very overwhelmed!'

What COULD it all possibly mean?

Well, this is Kerry Katona after all so we doubt we'll have too long to find out, but in the meantime, let's consider the possibilities...

Honestly, the suspense is KILLING us*

*Not actually true. At all.

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