Iraq 10 Years On: Was It Worth It? Debate From Goldsmiths College Liveblog

07/02/2013 16:18 | Updated 07 February 2013

As the 10th anniversary of the 2003 Iraq invasion approaches, The Huffington Post UK is hosting a debate asking 'Was It Worth It?'.

Our panellists include: former cabinet minister Clare Short, Tory MP Bernard Jenkin, Times columnist David Aaronovitch, the Independent's Owen Jones, Mehdi Hasan, Dr Ali Latif, chair of the Iraqi Prospects Organisation, novelist Haifa Zangana and Shiraz Maher from King's College London.

Follow our liveblog below to watch the debate unfold from Goldsmiths College, and join in on the discussion using the Twitter hashtag #HPIraq10.


07/02/2013 21:09 GMT

The debate may be over here - but it's still raging on Twitter

@ huseyinkishi :

In Aug 2007, an opinion poll asked should US and other Coalition forces remain in Iraq - 47% said leave now #hpiraq10

07/02/2013 21:04 GMT

The debate in full swing

huffington post gv

07/02/2013 21:02 GMT

Owen Jones at the podium

owen jones iraq debate

07/02/2013 21:02 GMT

What a debate

The audience is filing out, there's lots of chatter. I think we might have started something here.

Time now though to take a look back at some pictures from the night

huff post deabate david aaronovitch

07/02/2013 21:01 GMT

@ vipviphooray :

@HuffPostUK #HPIRAQ10 @mehdihasan Iraq invasion: "worse than a blunder, it was a crime".

07/02/2013 21:00 GMT

Mehdi closes the debate after getting quite noisy:

"What we are directly responsible for is the hundreds of thousands of people that have lost their lives"

07/02/2013 20:59 GMT

A Moral Abomination

We left Iraq with our tail between our legs but we should never have been their in the first was a moral abomination, Mehdi says

07/02/2013 20:54 GMT

Mehdi says

The war in Iraq was the best recruiting tool that extremists could ever have dreamed of

07/02/2013 20:52 GMT

Mehdi Hasan is our last speaker

I approached 60 well known hawks and invited them to participate and a lot of hair was being washed tonight. They've worked out that here is not much to defend in the bloody war.

07/02/2013 20:48 GMT

Shiraz wraps up

Iraq is not perfect today, Iraq may not be perfect tomorrow. But what Iraq has is hope."

Loudest applause yet for a pro-war debater.

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