This week we've got students in shoe scuffles and a fair few incredibly time-consuming and, quite frankly, pointless pranks.

Some of these aren't confessions, some of these aren't even embarrassing, but they certainly all made us laugh.

Scroll down for the slideshow and enjoy.


Humping Dogs, Steamy Sex And Lance Armstrong In Amsterdam

From Snow Pranks To 'Brazilian Fart Porn' And Jeremy Kyle

Fraping, Fanuary And Coach Chundering

Porn-Mad Lecturers, WW2 Grenades And Solving Rubix Cubes After Sex

Sex, Pokemon And Stoned Rabbits

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  • University of Gloucestershire

    So all but two of us from our flat went out last night and one fellow flat mate left his door unlocked. We fancied a change of scene where to cook and eat dinner so moved his bedroom to the kitchen and kitchen to his room. This is his bedroom kitchen... #60MinuteMakeover

  • Harper Adams Uni

    In our building we like to prank each other, usually just in small ways like cling filming cars or moving the bed into the bathroom. Our friend was always involved one way or another so when he went home for a long weekend we decided it was his turn. Later that evening we happened to pass an Argos and a plan was formed.. We took 11 Argos catalogues and a team of us then spent the weekend ripping out individual pages and crumpling them up into balls (surprisingly therapeutic). Around 10,000 pages later we had filled 11 bin liners, 3 suitcases, 3 holdalls, 4 boxes and 3 bins. We broke into his room and emptied the 'hamster bedding' all over the floor and honestly could not have been prouder of ourselves....It filled the room about a third of the way up! #FindItGetItArgosIt

  • Harper Adams University

    Nice effort with the Argos catalogues... As per usual, someone left their door unlocked! Below is what we decided to do with his space... #99Luftballons

  • Confessions Of A Hogwarts Student

    Harry and Hagrid taking a cheeky bus journey earlier today.

  • Confessions Of A Hogwarts Student

    I took the Groundskeeper to TopMan the other day! He looks a lot better now. #Swagrid

  • Bournemouth Uni Confessions

    "It took 26 rolls of foil for my friend to realise he should have locked his room when he went home for Xmas...he found it funny until he plugged in his lamp which blew up the socket as well!"