Going down on both knees one knee this Valentine's Day? Looking for some inspiration when it comes to popping the question with style? Well, look no further!

Because we've rounded up some of the most epic marriage proposals to ever take place (and be recorded and then uploaded to YouTube).

From the completely crazy to the absolutely adorable, from flash mobs to magic tricks, we think there's something here for everyone.

(Warning: you may need a hankie.)

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  • Internet Meme Proposal

  • Guy Falls Off Building Proposal

  • Flash Mob In Park Marriage Proposal

  • Magic Trick Proposal

  • Plane Crash Proposal

  • The 19:57 From Euston Proposal

  • Giant Carrot Proposal

  • Homemade Trailer Proposal

  • She's Been Framed Proposal

  • Minecraft Proposal

  • Disneyland Musical Proposal

  • Super Mario Proposal

  • Star Wars Proposal

  • Big Green Goop Proposal

  • Flash Mob Shopping Mall Proposal

  • Man-On-Fire Marriage Proposal

  • Spy-Style Central Park Proposal

  • Ice Rink Proposal

  • Magician's On Stage Marriage Proposal

  • Old Spice Guy Proposal

  • Unwittingly On Live TV Proposal

  • Patrick Stewart Proposal