HuffPost UK Lifestyle have come over all soppy this Valentine's Day, so we took to Facebook and Twitter to ask our readers how they met their partners.

From parties to car accidents (no, we're not joking), we've learned it's possible to meet the love of your life in almost any situation.

So whether this gives you hope for the future or makes you hold your other half tighter this Valentine's Day, feast your eyes on these modern love stories.

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  • Laura

    @HuffPoLifestyle He was the hot DJ at a friends party and I asked to see his records #HPHowWeMet @harkenon

  • Sadie

    @HuffPoLifestyle #LoveLifestyle We met at school, we were in the same class :) #HPHowWeMet

  • Mette Poynton

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet Went for interview at hotel where he worked, took one look, wanted him! When I started work, he had just left!

  • Lucy Sherriff

    @HuffPoLifestyle I met my boyfriend while we were playing softball and he accidentally broke my nose. #HPHowWeMet

  • Anna-Louise Dearden

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet I went to interview him about Harry Potter for a magazine feature. He was the cutest muggle I ever did see

  • Juliet

    #HPHowWeMet 1992, Scottish Boarding School, English Class. He threw something at me, I was smitten!

  • Meshell Brown

    @HuffPoLifestyle we met at a beach party - I thought he was obnoxious and arrogant and never wanted to see him again! #HPHowWeMet

  • gemma gwynne

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet at a rave 7 years ago! I offered him my water, we lived 200 miles apart now married with children x

  • the white feather

    At a circus themed party. I turned up with a lion tamer and left with the Ring Master. I was dressed as Papa Lazarou. #HPHowWeMet

  • hayley williams

    RT @HuffPoLifestyle: For Valetine's Day we want to know how you and your partner met. Tweet us your stories using the hashtag #HPHowWeMet

  • Cheryl Moulton

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet Next door neighbours :) The Early days where fun ;) X

  • Trace

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet Of all things having Chemotherapy! both bald but out love has grown with our hair x

  • Panfila

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet I was on holiday, he was a 'native'. It all got a bit of out of control really :-) xx

  • ⭐Joanne⭐

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPhowwemet we worked together for three years and never spoke and then bumped into eachother on a night out!

  • Stef

    #HPHowWeMet my hubbie & I met in my garden - his family lived next door my parents and he kicked the ball over the fence when I was home

  • Caroline Noble

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet my husband and I met over the phone and chatted for a while. Once we met in RL we moved in 2gether after 13 day

  • Nat

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet facebook haaa x

  • Cheryl Moulton

    We lived next door to each other :) The early days where lots of fun ;) @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet

  • Alyx Thomas

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet We met at a friends house,it was <3 at first sight we have now been going out for 11yrs :)

  • Mary Ballard

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet Hubby and I worked together- he was hired to cover maternity leave. Kept in touch after and here we are now!

  • Lucy Zelazowski

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet We're still together almost 8 yrs on. He still makes me melt. We've 2 sons. 1st born 14/2 #ValentinesBaby #Love

  • Tracey Druce

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet I and my partner met online and still together after 14 months met officially got together newyrs day 2012 x

  • Sarah Montague

    @HuffPoLifestyle #hphowwemet we met in our favourite pub :) still go back every year on 21st feb :)

  • Helen G

    @HuffPoLifestyle We worked together in a record store. #HPHowWeMet

  • Sarah O'Meara

    .@silentypewriter He was wonderfully kind to his 'then' girlfriend. I desired that kind of treatment. Eventually, I lucked out. #HPHowWeMet

  • Lizzie

    @HuffPoLifestyle I Drove into the back of his car on the motorway #HPHowWeMet

  • Amy Rogerson

    @HuffPoLifestyle we met at a wedding 4 years ago. Both gd friends with the groom but had never met. Have been married 7 months #HPHowWeMet

  • Sian Lennon

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet at school 18 years ago. We've been married 10yrs & have 3 gorgeous children :-)

  • Claredaisy

    @HuffPoLifestyle His sister gave me a lift and found I was looking for a 3rd to share my apartment.He applied 20 yrs ago #HPHowWEMet

  • Lily

    #HPHowWeMet Terrorised by wasp in a pub. Three men stood. Two prepared to kill wasp. Third calmly ushered it outside. Reader, I married him.

  • Brogan Driscoll

    .@HuffPoLifestyle My friend's parents (neither of whom are on Twitter so I'll speak for them) met in a lift #HPHowWeMet

  • Brogan Driscoll

    .@HuffPoLifestyle My aunt and uncle (again, neither of whom are on Twitter) met after he dialled the wrong phone number #HPHowWeMet

  • Jenni Fogg

    @HuffPoLifestyle My parents met in a pub. My mum had a broken arm and Dad helped her carry her drinks to a table. #chivalry #HPHowWeMet

  • Hannah

    @HuffPoLifestyle At a candlelit Christmas carol service, he was the organist, I sang a solo. #HPHowWeMet

  • Will Bagley

    @Brogan_Driscoll @huffpolifestyle ha-MySpace! Getting married in July though,so not all bad #HPHowWeMet

  • Daisy Buchanan

    @HuffPoLifestyle ON TWITTER! #HPHowWeMet

  • Andrea Mann

    On Twitter! RT @HuffPoLifestyle We've gone all slushy for Valentine's day (forgive us). Tweet us how your and your partner met #HPHowWeMet

  • tony brown

    @HuffPoLifestyle met as teenagers, kissed few times, then didnt meet again till our 30s.been together 9 years. #friendsreunited #HPHowWeMet

  • ♥ PrincessOfKarma ♥

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet In a nightclub!

  • Gill Manwaring

    @HuffPoLifestyle I was newly single and my mum dragged me to play bingo. I met the club manager - 20 years ago. #HPHowWeMet

  • Lilinha Espindula

    @HuffPoLifestyle We met at work. He was the chef and I was the waitress in a hotel - 10 years ago! #HPHowWeMet :) x

  • gemma gwynne

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet we met at a rave in 2006 I offered him my water, we lived 200 miles apart. Now married with kids x

  • MAZZ

    @HuffPoLifestyle Through mutual friends on the mini bus on route to gran canaria, that's how @AFcbren and moi met. #HPHowWeMet

  • Sarah

    @HuffPoLifestyle School initially 39 years ago #HPHowWeMet

  • Sam Ilyas

    @HuffPoLifestyle #HPHowWeMet at work - he was my manager, now I'm his manager (at home)

  • kirstyN

    @HuffPoLifestyle Blind date #HPHowWeMet

  • "We met at ballroom dancing classes, we were ballroom partners first and then became real life partners!" - Baldwin Ho, HuffPost UK reader

  • Lucy Zelazowski

    @HuffPoLifestyle I saw him walking through a dancefloor. I couldnt take my eyes off him. I said hello, he asked for my number! #HPHowWeMet