A Poem For Valentine's Day: Mr. Gee Performs 'Mr. Gee's Valentine'

13/02/2013 12:53 GMT | Updated 15/04/2013 10:12 BST

The fourth of our Valentine's poets is Mr. Gee, a regular on the London spoken word scene and co-founder of the London collective Chill Pill. One of the capital's most charismatic poets, he specialises in writing and performing for the radio as well as live, appearing regularly on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio London.

His poem, 'Mr. Gee's Valentine', depicts a love affair in its entirety, from the romance and excitement to hurdles like disapproving parents and nosy friends. You can follow Mr. Gee on Twitter as @mrgeepoet and learn more about the excellent Chill Pill events on their website.