X Factor's Wagner To Be A Dad Again At 56 - 20 Year-Old Girlfriend Pregnant!

15/02/2013 10:03 | Updated 22 May 2015
X Factor's Wagner to be a dad again at 56 - 20 year-old girlfriend pregnant!

Jamie Hughes/Love It magazine

Former X Factor contestant Wagner is set to become a father again - with a woman 36 years his junior.

Brazilian born Wagner told love it! magazine that his 20-year-old girlfriend Lydia Longville is six months pregnant and that he 'couldn't wait to be a dad again'.

The couple met in 2010 after a mutual friend took Lydia to see Wagner perform. Lydia said she found the X Factor reject to be 'better-looking in person' and with 'lovely eyes'.

"He was wearing a black shirt with red roses on it, and a burgundy jacket," she recalled, going on to spill the beans about Wagner bedroom prowess: "Let's just say his experience has paid off. He didn't serenade me with a song in the bedroom, but there's always been lots of sexual chemistry," she said.

Wagner said their difference in age did not matter, and the fact they loved each other was the most important thing - despite Lydia admitting that her mum was 'shocked' by their relationship.

X Factor's Wagner to be a dad again at 56 - 20 year-old girlfriend pregnant!Jamie Hughes/Love It magazine
Fifty-six-year-old Wagner said that he did not feel his age, and added that, 'If people say I'm a cradle-snatcher, they're short-sighted, I don't feel 56'.

"To be frank, we love each other very much and can't wait to start a family," he said. "We'd stopped using contraception so it was inevitable, because she's young and fertile. I'm like a vampire – I only like young blood."

Wagner already has a five-year-old with a former girlfriend, but is said to be 'estranged' from the child - something he says 'breaks his heart' that his new son may not meet his half brother.

The little boy - who will be called Leon - is due in October.

The full interview appears in this week's Love it! magazine

Well, what do you make of this, then? Too much of an age-gap, or no problem if they are happy?


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