With a week to go until polling day, high profile Conservatives are piling into Eastleigh in an attempt to pry the seat out of the hands of the Lib Dems.

Today Boris Johnson kicked off campaigning ahead of the February 28 by-election with a withering, and typically colourful, assessment of his party's Westminster coalition partners.

"Lib Dems are wobbling jellies of indecision and vacillation, particularly Clegg," he said. "His single contribution to politics has been to do a u-turn on tuition fees and make a song about it, that's all he's done."

The political editor of the Daily Record, Torcuil Crichton, reported Boris said it was the Conservative's "constitutional duty" to kick the Lib Dems in the ... well, do they have any?"


The fight for Eastleigh is tight and both parties have been throwing resources and manpower into the Hampshire constituency.

According to Michael Fabricant, a vice-chairman of the Conservative Party, 120 Tory MPs have so far visited the seat to campaign on behalf of candidate Maria Hutchings.

And the Lib Dems have been equally active, with leading members of the party including Nick Clegg joining his candidate Mike Thornton in an attempt to retain the seat vacated by Chris Huhne.

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