The student confessions this week are a little thin on the ground. But never fear, what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality.

From shampooing with fabric conditioner and weeing on dance floors to sleeping with your best friend, we proudly present this week's student confessions.

Scroll down for the slideshow and enjoy.


Amazing Uni Pranks, Gym Flirting And Tesco Banter

Humping Dogs, Steamy Sex And Lance Armstrong In Amsterdam

From Snow Pranks To 'Brazilian Fart Porn' And Jeremy Kyle

Fraping, Fanuary And Coach Chundering

Sex, Pokemon And Stoned Rabbits

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  • Nottingham Uni

    Every Valentine's day, I send a text saying "Happy Valentine's sexy ;)" to a random mobile number. I've never got a response to these until today... #ThatEscalatedQuickly

  • Northumbria University

    Last year one of my flat mates decided to go home for the weekend, and seeing as one of my course mates could get hold of an electric balloon pump, we purchased a box of 5000 balloons between us. In the end we managed to use up only 2,500 of them to fill up my flat mate's bedroom, and we even had to cling film the door to stop them escaping!

  • Bournemouth University

    "5 cans on his 21st... got so drunk he woke up in hospital "