The Academy Awards are always a time for Hollywood A-listers to look gorgeous and poised... But that doesn't stop them looking rather daft sometimes, too.

From the red carpet to the after show parties - via the ceremony itself - check out our slideshow of some of the sillier moments that were caught on camera...

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  • Sandra Bullock remembers she left the iron on.

  • Jennifer Lawrence falls over - but thankfully her dress doubles as a parachute.

  • Faye Dunaway goes for the 'Marigold glove' look.

  • Jim Carrey puts his foot in it.

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones has a good old chuckle at all her critics...

  • ...before being launched into the audience.

  • Because winning a Best Acting Oscar is HILARIOUS!

  • The daughter of Best Cinematography winner Claudio Miranda poses for the paparazzi. She'll clearly go far.

  • Michael Douglas takes a question from the back.

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth MacFarlane and Daniel Radcliffe: never not nonchalant.

  • Is Heidi Klum really, really tall, or are the Kardashians really, really small? Readers: we'll never know.

  • Jennifer Lawrence silences her critics.

  • 'Brave' directors Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman celebrate their win...

  • ...Mark, it has to be said, a little more than Brenda.

  • Sir Elton John gets caught between a rock and a hard face.

  • Steven Tyler gets to grips with Jane Lynch.

  • Chris Tucker realises just how long Seth MacFarlane's been on stage for.

  • Adele celebrates her win in true British fashion.

  • Although she's definitely got a Hollywood touch.

  • Jennifer Lawrence practices her best fake laugh.

  • Gold finger... dress and jewellery: Shirley Bassey gives it her all.

  • Jack Nicholson fails to get the 'wear a beard' memo.

  • Robert Downey Jr has a quiet word with Jeremy Renner.

  • Dustin Hoffman's wife isn't so sure about their PDA.

  • 'Argo' screenwriter Chris Terrio celebrates the birth of his first baby, Oscar.

  • While Jennifer Lawrence is clearly still in shock.