Titanic II Creator Clive Palmer Insists He Is Not Motivated By Money

02/03/2013 14:07

A billionaire who is planning to build a new version of the Titanic insists it's no gimmick.

Professor Clive Palmer told journalists on Saturday he was not motivated by money.


Do we really need a new Titanic?

Speaking at a press conference at the Ritz hotel in central London, he said: "Money wasn't my primary consideration for this."

He then joked: "But it looks like, unfortunately, I'll make a lot of money out of it!"

The Queensland businessman's plans have been questioned by critics, who say the Titanic II project will never be a reality and Prof Palmer is simply trying to create headlines.

Asked what he thought of the sceptical reports, he said: "Well, I'd just say it's bullsh*t really.

"We're building four ships now bigger than the Titanic at the shipyard.

"I'm not somebody with no money. I've got enough money to build the Titanic ten times over if I wanted.

"So, there's no need for publicity. I'm trying to avoid the media if I can."

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