Stop press! There's a new front runner in our list of Adverts Most Likely To Win Awards This Year. And it's the moonwalking Shetland pony commercial by Three.

The adorable advert - which you can watch above - stars a pony called Socks and was made by the agency Wieden + Kennedy. It debuted on TV and online on Friday night - and it's already sparking parodies (although be warned: The Poke's video below may upset Shetland pony lovers):

Of course, this isn't the first time that the cuteness of Shetland ponies has been harnessed for advertising purposes. Remember these stars of a recent Visit Scotland campaign?

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  • (Credit: Visit Scotland)

  • (Credit: Visit Scotland)

  • (Credit: Visit Scotland)

  • (Credit: Visit Scotland)

  • (Credit: Visit Scotland)

  • (Credit: Visit Scotland)

  • (Credit: Visit Scotland)

  • (Credit: Visit Scotland)

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