Six-Year-Old 'Terra' Breakdances, Blows Away The Opposition (VIDEO)

04/03/2013 13:31 GMT

The Chelles Battle Pro has just taken place. And for those of you not a) French, b) into hip hop or c) both, Chelles is a suburb of Paris, and the Battle Pro celebrates all aspects of hip hop culture, from DJing and rapping to breakdancing and graffiti.

Part of this is breakdancing battles - and this clip from Saturday's 'Baby Battle' is going viral because it shows a six-year-old girl not just demonstrating amazing skills, but also joyfully beating her opponent - an older boy - in the process. (We particularly love her cheeky move at around 1:37.)

This b-girl goes by the name of 'Terra' - and she's part of the London b-boying group Soul Mavericks. And if this doesn't make you feel inadequate enough: Terra apparently joined the group when she was just five.

Some say we're hothousing our children too much these days - but frankly, if they're all going off to breakdancing classes and turning out like this, we don't think there's too much to complain about...

(Via Tastefully Offensive)