Chantelle Houghton In Twitter Spat With TOWIE's Bobby Norris Over His 'Gayby' Adoption Plans

07/03/2013 12:19 GMT | Updated 07/03/2013 12:51 GMT

Chantelle Houghton and Bobby Norris are not two people we ever thought would be teaching us new words but that's exactly what's happened as a result of a Twitter spat between the two *checks notes* reality 'stars'.

If we'd bothered to tune into the latest series of 'TOWIE' (yes, yes, we know, unforgivable) we'd know alllllll about the term 'gayby' by now (definition: a baby adopted by a gay man. Genius) but it took a feud between Chantelle and TOWIE's gay-in-residence Bobby to enlighten us of this new entry into the Essex vernacular.

chantelle houghton bobby norris

Chantelle Houghton. Not a fan of Bobby Norris (or the term 'gayby')

It all kicked off after Bobby told 'TOWIE' pal Gemma Collins that he wanted to adopt a 'gayby' during a recent episode of 'The Only Way Is Essex' - a phrase that Chantelle (previously of Alex Reid 'fame') took exception to in her column for new! magazine.

"I was gobsmacked that TOWIE's Bobby Norris has said he wants a 'gayby'," she phoned in wrote.

"I'm not against gay men being fathers, but it sounds to me that he wants a new accessory rather than a baby that needs love and attention 24/7," she added.

Sound the Twitter spat klaxon!

You first Bobby.

"Hugely disappointed with @chantellehought comments in @new_magazine this week #judgemental," he tweeted.

Over to you Chantelle.

"Yes I will judge u its plain wrong to call a baby a gayby. Could u explain what a gayby actually is please?"


"It's quite obviously a play on words Chantelle #calmdown."

It seems the penny then dropped for Chantelle who then tried to patch things up, tweeting: "@BobbyCNorris @new_magazine good luck to you just didn't agree with calling a baby a gayby. X."

Aaaaaand, relax.


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