The only thing cuter than a penguin is, of course, a rescued penguin.

And the only thing cuter than a rescued penguin?

A rescued penguin being tickled.

Oh, yes. Click play on the video above to witness the adorable effect this has on our cute little flightless friend.

And if you like penguins - which we're assuming you do, as you're here - then you've come to the right place, because penguins top 'n' tail our our round-up of 2012's funniest viral videos. Just take a look below...

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  • Evil Penguin

    Thought that cats were the only ones capable of sneak attacks? <a href="">This video proved otherwise</a>.

  • Four Bored Scousers

    Were they at <a href="">Manchester airport</a>? Were they at Prague airport? Who cares! It's a slice of silly brilliance.

  • Jurassic Park Theme Played On Melodica

    "Just got a melodica. Here's my rendition of the Jurassic Park theme song," <a href="">wrote YouTuber Patrick Lo</a>. The result was magnificent.

  • Bad Lip Reading: 'Eye Of The Sparrow'

    If there's one group of viral video makers who have consistently brightened 2012 for us, it's <a href="">the Bad Lip Reading team</a>. It was a tough call to pick our favourite - but their version of the first 2012 Presidential Debate won our vote.

  • Grumpy Cat

    Not surprisingly, this video made this cat <a href="">an internet sensation</a>.

  • Arrested Drunk Guy Sings 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

    You're intoxicated. The Canadian police pick you up. How do you respond? By <a href="">singing the whole of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'</a> in the back of a cop car, of course!

  • The Nick Clegg Apology Song

    How do you turn a politician's apology into a song? And then pretty much oblige him to release it as a charity single? Just ask those marvellous people at <a href="">The Poke</a>.

  • LIttle Girl Is Tired Of Obama And Romney

    Or to be more accurate: four-year-old Abigael is tired of "Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney". Look - <a href="">it was early November</a>. Who could blame her?

  • Second Cheapest Wine

    "You don't know much about wine... but you DO know you shouldn't buy the cheapest." A big tip of the hat to College Humor for coming up with our <a href="">favourite spoof ad</a> of the year.

  • Dog Ruins Marriage Proposal

    "I thought I could be sneaky and video tape the proposal by saying I am taking a picture," <a href="">wrote YouTuber Chris Nicholson</a>. "However our puppy had other ideas."

  • Please Move The Deer Crossing

    A woman <a href=" whophone-please-move-the-deer-crossings_n_1966306.html?utm_hp_ref=uk-viral-videos">calls into a local radio station</a> to complain about the 'deer crossing' signs. Because she thinks that deer crossing signs are placed by roads in order to <em>tell the deer where to cross</em>. An absolute gem.

  • Frog On A Bench

    He's just hangin' out... Becoming <a href="">an internet star</a>...

  • Wayne Rooney's 'Skyfall' Trailer

    "The name's Rooney. Wayne Rooney...". Forgive the indulgence, but we were rather proud of our <a href="">James Bond spoof</a>.

  • Baby Busker

    And staying on a baby theme: get a load of <a href="">the baby in Krakow </a>who easily outshone their busking dad. Aww!

  • Irish Olympic Sailing Commentary

    Did you watch the Olympic sailing rounds? Were you utterly confused? Thought so. So was <a href="">Fran Higgins</a>' Irish commentator.

  • Dragon Baby

    Watch out, stuffed toys - <a href="">Dragon Baby</a> will kick your ass! Adorably!

  • Dog Steals A Baguette

    ...And Tries To Get It Into Her Kennel (full title). Quite possibly our <a href="">favourite dog video</a> of the year, and proof, once again, that they aren't as bright as cats.

  • Look At This Instagram

    <a href="">A College Humor video</a> that takes the piss out of Instagram users? Set to the tune of Nickeback's 'Photograph'? Yes, please!

  • Penguin Falls Down

    Although it's not just the sight of <a href="">a penguin falling down</a>, but the reaction of his penguin pals that's p-p-p-priceless. Make sure you watch it with the sound up!

  • Catch The Ice Dude

    AKA 'A German guy jumps onto an iced-over pond, with inevitably hilarious consequences'. We're still laughing, months later - because <a href="">schadenfreude never gets old</a>.

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