Water Way To Go! Teen Jumps Into Puddle For $1 Bet - And Vanishes!

13/03/2013 14:36 | Updated 22 May 2015
Man Jumps Into Pool-Sized Puddle

We've all done foolish things for a bet when we were young (or is it just a male thing?) but one teenager took up a dare from his friends with quite frightening (and, to be honest, hilarious) results.

The American lad, called Lakeem, was challenged by his pals to jump in a puddle in his brand new training shoes.

His reward for risking getting his footwear a bit dirty was $1. So with the words, 'I'll do it for the kids' Lakeham took a leap and then – whoosh! – he vanished into the muddy water.

Fortunately, his friends were less concerned with rescuing their hapless pal and instead filmed the whole thing on a mobile phone to post on YouTube for 1.4 million of us to enjoy!

And even more fortunately, Lakeem resurfaced from the freezing water while his mates rolled around laughing.

One of his friends said: "We all thought it was a puddle SWEAR TO GOD!?"

There's an even happier ending to this story, too: Lakeem won the bet and got his dollar!


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