The much-loved - and much-admired - British comedian Norman Collier has passed away at the age of 87, BBC News reports.

A hugely popular comic and TV entertainer in the 1970s and '80s, Collier - who started out as a club entertainer in his native Hull - will be best remembered for two wonderful routines that became his trademark.

The first was the 'faulty microphone'. Here's Collier both performing it and explaining the genesis of the routine:

And the second? Another family favourite: the enormously silly, extremely funny, chicken routine. Here he is performing it with fellow comic Jimmy Cricket:

RIP, Mr Collier. Thank you f... ll... th... aughs.

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  • Moose Allain

    A minute's silence* for Norman Collier. (*incrementally)

  • Dafydd Wynne-Jones

    Comedian Norman Collier dies aged 87 We do not appreciate the old comedians until they are gone. None get close today

  • Darren Lethem

    RIP to Norman Collier. A lovely man and a bloody funny man. Very sad news.