The concept of 3D printing is nothing new - but printing spaceships smaller than a human hair in less than a minute is.

A company named Nanoscribe GmbH has produced a machine which can make hugely detailed sculptures in seconds.

A realtime video produced by the company shows a model spaceship being conjured into existence at an almost absurd rate.

The commercially available machine is an offshoot from research done at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany.

The technique users a laser and rotating mirrors, which is known as "two-photon lithographic printing". The laser is fired at a light-sensitive material, which polymerizes and solidifies where the laser is directed.

As with other 3D printers it builds sculptures up in layers, though in a highly precise manner and a resolution up to 30 nanometres.

Nanoscribe said that the technology is ready for commercial application in medicine, tech and life sciences.

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