Nick D'Aloisio's just sold his company to Yahoo for tens of millions of pounds - and he's only 17 (way to make us feel good about ourselves).

But he's not the only young entrepreneur who's making it big in the world. There's Luke Hood, the 20-year-old who runs one of YouTube's top UK music channels UKF. Then there's Jamal Edwards, who's been described as the new Simon Cowell by Q magazine thanks to his SB.TV company.

Oh, and then there's Luke Thomas, Britain's youngest head chef.


It seems 2013 is the year of the young entrepreneur. So, if you're in any doubt of who to admire, here's who we're in awe of at the moment:

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  • Luke Hood

    Meet Luke Hood, 19, who runs UKF Dubstep. He's the tech young gun from Frome who is breaking the mould and smashing the stereotype of what you need to make it online.

  • Jamal Edwards

    Founder and CEO of SB.TV, and one of the UK’s youngest entrepreneurs, 22-year-old Jamal was described as the new Simon Cowell by Q magazine. He launched his company when he was 15.

  • Ashleigh Porter-Exley

    Winner of the 2012 Young Apprentice, the 17-year-old's aim is to prove to kids you can achieve your dreams if you fight hard enough.

  • Nick D'Aloisio

    Nick D'Aloisio created Summly at his home in Wimbledon, south-west London, at the age of just 15. He's just sold it, aged 17, for tens of millions of pounds.

  • James Gill

    21-year-old James Gill created GoSquared, a real time web analytics service, during his gap year.

  • Amy Brooks

    22-year-old Amy Brooks set up Spark.Ed after suffering with dyslexia. She has now launched a series of mobile phone-based learning applications for fellow students.

  • Luke Thomas

    Officially Britain's youngest head chef after starting Luke's Dining Room at Sanctum on The Green in Cookham Dean, Berkshire. We lay down our cutlery in awe.

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