David Miliband is stepping down as a Labour MP and going to work for International Rescue in New York. Here's the resignation letter he wrote to Alan Donnelly, Chair of the South Shields Constituency Labour Party:

david milibandletter spoof

(Obtained for HuffPost UK Comedy by David Schneider and Simon Hume.)


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  • "You really think little Ed will one day be leader..."

  • "And then I told Ed, there's only room for one Miliband in this town"

  • "Monica was here... and then Hillary knocked on the door"

  • Miliband reveals what he learnt with Clinton

  • "I've got this won..."

  • David Miliband reacts as the leadership results are read out

  • Miliband attempts to strangle Ed in a large ditch attempt to run for PM

  • Plotting his revenge

  • Looks like it was one banana too many for this suit

  • David reveals his secret weapon in his bid for the leadership

  • Did he really call her a "bigoted woman"?

  • "Damn that salmon mousse"

  • Poor Dave was nearly taken away when he was spotted trying to kickstart this bench

  • The best photo. ever.

  • Tired of politics

  • "I'm with stupid"

  • An older, more political McFly

    "And I grabbed Sarkozy like zis..."