David Miliband's Resignation Signals Labour 'Lurch To The Left', Claim Tories

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Conservative MPs have seized on David Miliband's decision to quit parliament as evidence the Labour Party is "lurching to the left" under the leadership of his brother.

It's almost as if a memo went out from Conservative Campaign Headquarters:

Claire Perry
Labours lurch to the union-funded left is almost complete with the departure of David Milliband.

Jake Berry
New Labour dead. David Milliband off to USA while his brother lurches left.

Christopher Pincher
If David Miliband resigns tomorrow that's a big blow to moderate Labour modernisers as Labour takes a further lurch left.

Chris Heaton-Harris
Everyone's talking about David Miliband joining International Rescue, but the Unions are pulling Ed Miliband's strings. 'sthepuppet?

Dan Byles MP
So more of EdB's supporters than EdM's in ShadCab, and centrist Lab MPs like DMil feel they have no place in EdM's Labour Party.

Andrew Griffiths MP
Is David Miliband quitting the sign that the Blairites' are heading for the door?

Nadhim Zahawi
David Milliband Big gain for IRC. Big loss to new Labour Party. EdMs Labour Party is drifting heavily to the left.

Brooks Newmark MP
David Miliband was one of the few heavyweights in the Labour Party. His resignation is loss to Labour + the Country. Labour drifting to Left

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