EastEnders' Max Branning may have lost any chance of getting back with ex Tanya when he finds out he's going to be a dad again.

Jake Wood, who plays Max, said his character is still desperate to give things another go with ex wife Tanya (Jo Joyner).


Max and Kirsty are to become parents

But little does he know that current wife Kirsty, played by Kierston Wareing, is about to announce she is pregnant, he told Inside Soap.

Jake said: "Max is deeply shocked when Kirsty blurts out that she's pregnant, and his initial reaction is one of disbelief. Max can be a very good husband when he wants to be. He's an old-fashioned man and he'll stick up for those he loves. However, a baby is not something he would wish for at this moment in time.

"Max is a good dad and he loves kids, but having a baby with Kirsty is not something he wants right now. This could ruin any chance for him to get back with Tanya!"


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