Michael Jackson's Children Paris And Prince To Talk About Father's Last Days In Court

01/04/2013 14:10

Michael Jackson's children Paris and Prince are set to lift the lid on their late father's final days in court later this week

Paris has agreed to join her brother in giving evidence in the $40billion lawsuit against concert promoters AEG.

prince and paris

“She was very strong and assured in her depositions with AEG’s lawyers so we decided she should talk too.”

michael jackson

The Jackson family claim that the company negligently hired and supervised Dr Conrad Murray, who was found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of Michael.

However, they maintain they were unaware he was a danger as the King of Pop Jackson prepared for his This Is It tour in 2009.

According to reports, Prince’s testimony will reveal the details on several key moments in his father's final weeks, including discussions about the tour's future, Michael’s health and what was expected of Murray

If AEG is found liable in the three-month case, the family could be awarded $40billion in lost earnings.

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