Two 90-Year-Old Men Run The 100 Metres, Become Our New Heroes (VIDEO)

05/04/2013 10:40

Want to feel ever-so slightly inadequate yet also very inspired? Simply watch the video above.

For it shows 94-year-old Emiel Pauwels of Belgium and 95-year-old Ilmari Koppinen of Finland competing in a 100-metre race.

The event took place at the recent European veterans athletic championships in San Sebastian, Spain - and as Belgian media noted, although "Emiel Pauwels has never been a strong starter, and at 94, that will not change", he came back to triumph over Koppinen in a nailbiting race.

It's amazing, moving stuff. Gentlemen, we salute you - and we hope we have even one hundredth of your ability when we're in our 90s. If we even get to live that long.

(Via Twenty Two Words)

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