Margaret Thatcher has died aged 87 following a stroke.

The first female Prime Minister of Great Britain, her legacy will leave a lasting impression. And although her strong leadership style divided critics, there is no doubt the woman dubbed the 'Iron Lady' will be forever remembered.

Here are 10 facts about Thatcher you may have forgotten.

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  • Thatcher said in 1973: 'I don't think there will be a woman prime minister in my lifetime.'

  • Margaret Thatcher only suffered one parliamentary defeat whilst in power, on Sunday Trading Laws

  • Margaret's maiden name was Roberts

  • The Soviets were the first to call Margaret Thatcher 'The Iron Lady' before she became Prime Minister, but she is said to have liked the nickname

  • Thatcher helped develop soft-scoop ice cream

  • Thatcher's parents were both greengrocers

  • Thatcher's middle name was Hilda

  • Margaret Thatcher was brought up as a devout Methodist and has remained a Christian throughout her life.

  • There is a distortion known as 'Thatcherization'

    The illusion often goes unnoticed but it's used to describe when the face is upside down but the e<a href="" target="_blank">yes and the mouth are changed to remain the right way up</a>

  • Thatcher on Mandela

    Thatcher once called Mandela a 'terrorist' but he thanked her for helping secure his release in 1990

  • Thatcher once described her handbag as 'the only safe place in Downing Street