Facebook Group 'Worst Status Of The Day' Makes You Feel Better About Your Own Crummy Updates (PICTURES)

18/04/2013 14:40 | Updated 18 April 2013

If you've got a Facebook account you no doubt spend much of your day sighing despondently as you scroll through the inane, mundane and illiterate status updates of your "friends".

Hell, you're probably a main culprit yourself ('Cheese sandwiches are awesome! lol').

worst status of the day facebook

Spotting an obvious niche in the Facebook group market, one enterprising user has started the page Worst Status Of The Day and invited you all to submit the "pointless, mundane, cringeworthy, dumb, ignorant and ridiculous" updates that litter your feed.

Here are some of our favourites....

Worst status of the day
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