English people! And foreigners! How much do you really know about the most important George of all time (apart from Mr Michael, obvs)?

We've unearthed 10 fun* facts about the patron saint of England. Take a look below and impress all your friends when you're inevitably down the pub tonight!

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  • St George is the patron saint of drinking. Here is an early photograph of him on an outing to a pub. (Don't drink and ride, George!)

  • On 23rd April, English people often make pilgrimages in celebration of St George. These can go on for miles, and are sometimes known as 'pub crawls'.

  • If the weather is nice on April 23rd, English people traditionally celebrate St George's Day by opening their windows and looking out of them.

  • Direct descendants of St George can be spotted by their tell-tale features: wide foreheads, deep-set eyes, pale skin and a huge red cross over their face.

  • St George was a notorious ladies man. His female followers (pictured here) were known as Georgettes and would often travel across countries just to catch a glimpse of 'Gorgeous George'!

  • While St George was a Christian, his horse was a Buddhist.

  • When he was Prime Minister, Gordon Brown celebrated St George's Day with a Downing Street garden party - where guests would enjoy cucumber sandwiches, St George flag fairy cakes and endless games of 'Pin The Tail On The Dragon That Looks A Bit Like Tony Blair'.

  • St George was incredibly tall.

  • The St George's Day Trophy is awarded each year to the Englishman who has drunk the most beer on 23rd April. The current record stands at 537 pints.

  • St George is the patron saint of Georgia, England, Egypt, Bulgaria, Aragon, Catalonia, Romania, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Iraq, Israel, Lithuania, Portugal, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia and Wales.

*possibly untrue