Bike Thief Returns Cycle, Leaves Apology & Dominos Voucher (PICTURES)

24/04/2013 14:49 BST | Updated 24/04/2013 16:08 BST

Since when were bike thieves so courteous? Since now, as this sequence of um, charming pictures shows.

The now viral snaps surfaced on Reddit courtesy of seenic, who posted: “3 nights ago my bike was stolen. It just turned up back in my yard this morning with this note…Ain’t even mad.”

The said note reads:

bike thief dominos voucher

Dear bike owner,

On Saturday April 20 I graduated from university and got straight white girl wasted. After the bar it was too late to catch a bus and I am too broke to afford a cab, so I borrowed your bike without asking.

It was a lusciously smooth ride from what I remember.

Anways, I am very sorry I did not ask to borrow your bike, so I have returned it with a coupon for a free Lava cake at Domino’s as an apology.


Bike Theif [sic]

Sooooo, bearing in mind the said coupon was expired, how do you feel about this?

(N.B. Urban Dictionary tells us "white girl wasted" is less sinister than it sounds: "The term is derived from the extreme inebriation most commonly experienced by white females between age 17 to 27." Phew)

bike thief apology

bike thief apology