Now, we know it's hard to believe that the World's Most Beautiful Woman isn't like the rest of us.

But we've been clicking our way through Gwyneth Paltrow's "eminent lifestyle publication" - ie website - GOOP... and we have to break it to you: the super-famous, super-rich and super-slim Mrs Chris Martin does, indeed, have some rather different thoughts on life from the rest of us. Or at least from us. Which is maybe why she's super-famous, super-rich and super-thin, and we eat baked beans from a can in a rented flat.

For 18 wonderful insights into Gwynnie's head, click through our screenshots from GOOP below (full-screen mode recommended). From travel to cookery, fashion to fitness, Paltrow's got it all covered - in a rich/famous/beautiful kind of way...

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  • 1. She thinks this is normal attire for an evening at home with friends.

  • 2. The question "How many avocadoes is too many avocadoes a week?" exists on her website.

  • 3. She thinks we can afford to stay in this £1,876-a-night flat in London (minimum stay: three nights).

  • 4. She thinks this is a normal meal.

  • 5. She photographs her beer instead of drinking it.

  • 6. <em>As soon as she wakes up</em> on Christmas morning, she makes pumpkin and walnut bread.

  • 7. Her friends choose their flights by aircraft type and route (and they prefer the showers in the airline lounges at Singapore).

  • 8. Her pizza ingredients include squash blossoms, white truffle oil and homemade ricotta.

  • 9. She often ponders this question.

  • 10. She thinks this picture of a little girl looking sad in a bikini is OK.

  • 11. She thinks this picture of a little girl posing with one hip higher than the other is also OK.

  • 12. The day before people come over for dinner, she arranges the food in her fridge according to course.

  • 13. This is an average day at work for her.

  • 14. One of the best things she's ever done is to build a wood burning oven in the back yard...

  •, really. Look.

  • 15. She uses the word 'rad'.

  • 16. She thinks that a $15,000-a-week chateau is “great for a family getaway”.

  • 17. None of the rest of us can get away with wearing this.

  • 18. Aerial yoga.

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