Change My Mind: Is Drone Warfare Ethical And Effective?

02/05/2013 09:54 | Updated 03 May 2013

As the Ministry of Defence confirmed that the RAF carried out its first drone strike operated from the UK this week, the question of whether the use of unmanned drones to target enemies is an ethical, or even effective, form of warfare is set to rise up the political agenda.

The MoD claims that drones play a vital role supporting military operations in Afghanistan and helps to save the lives of British forces, allies and those of Afghan civilians, while critics, including Reprieve's Hilary Stauffer, say that drones put civilians at unnecessary risk and allow politicians to make it easier to launch military interventions.

Conveniently, last week the Oxford Union debated the motion: 'This House Believes Drone Warfare is Ethical and Effective'. Here, two Oxford students, Konstantinos Chryssanthopoulos and Hasan Dindjer, bring the debate to the Huffington Post UK and argue whether the use of drones is acceptable.

Can they change your mind?

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