Local Elections: BNP Down To Two Councillors

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The British National Party has lost its final county council seat, leaving Nick Griffin's party on just two councillors in the country.

The far-right outfit had gained a foothold in Lancashire in 2009, with the election of Sharon Wilkinson - but she did not stand again and her replacement in Padiham and Burnley West, Paul Robinson, plunged to last place.

In the South Shields by-election, the BNP's candidate, Lady Dorothy MacBeth Brooke, had proved a hit on Twitter because of her fake tan.

lady dorothy macbeth brooke

The BNP finished sixth in South Shields

But her performance at the ballot box had less impact, and she finished sixth.

Matthew Goodwin
Labour just kicked the out of Padiham and West. Which means that, for the first time since 2001, Burnley is BNP-free

Griffin was left complaining about electoral fraud after a defeat for his candidate in Cumbria.

Nick Griffin MEP
We will be helping disenfranchised voters sue the council for stealing their democratic rights. Labour cheats, bullies and thieves will pay.

The party still has two borough councillors in England, one each on Charnwood and Pendle councils.

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