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The BNP Urges Its Supporters To Breed More After Local Elections Thrashing

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BNP supporters have been told to breed more to increase the number of white people living in Britain.

After the party lost every seat it contested in the local elections, a post on the party's website suggests readers "engage in making babies."

The article, by Nothernscot, claims that 51% of America's population is "non-white", adding: "So we must look at ways of building up the white population in Britain."

Giles Dilnot
Let me get this straight....are the BNP suggesting they screw themselves ?

The author suggests more immigration by white people, before adding: "The second way is more fun. I would suggest that BNP members and nationalists across the schools of nationalism engage in making babies.

Tom Flynn
Breed to win - the BNP tries a new long term tactic after being ousted in local elections this week.

"I know, by now you will be giggling over this suggestion. But think about it, nationalists need to buck the trend of 1.8 children per white household. We need to aim between 3 and 4 children each if not more.

"And the bonus is that making babies is fun.

"So fellow nationalists, less TV and more fun! Let’s do our bit for Britain and our race."

Nick Griffin's party is down to two councillors in the entire country after losing its final county council seat in Lancashire in Thursday's local elections.

Griffin was left complaining about electoral fraud after a defeat for his candidate in Cumbria.

Nick Griffin MEP
We will be helping disenfranchised voters sue the council for stealing their democratic rights. Labour cheats, bullies and thieves will pay.

The party still has two borough councillors in England, one each on Charnwood and Pendle councils.

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