If Matthew McConaughey's career appears to be enjoying a renaissance, one of the reasons is because, as he has revealed, he has been listening to his critics and reading what they have to say.

The actor, currently being celebrated for his very different turns in 'Mud' and 'Bernie', spent a few years in a rom-com wilderness, earning monikers like 'Matthew Mahogany' for his perma-tanned, ever-grinning romantic screen persona.

matthew mcconaughey
Matthew McConaughey is currently being feted for his performance in 'Mud'

But, as he revealed to AP recently, he sat down and read what people had to say about him...

"A few years ago, I did a really interesting kind of experiment," McConaughey said, according to Redding.com.

"My assistants gathered every negative review I've ever had and it was a good, thick pile. I sat down and said, 'We're gonna read every one of these.' There was some really good constructive criticism. I'm like, 'That's what I would've said about that performance. You're right.'"

The actor has enjoyed the benefits of his research, winning his first acting awards for 'Magic Mike' (Best Supporting Actor, Independent Spirit Awards, Film Critics Circle Awards) in 2012, and following this up with success for his role of DA Dan Buck in the well-received 'Bernie', where he shines - read review here.

And these were before we saw his hard work in 'Killer Joe' - which director William Friedkin told HuffPostUK had "changed Matthew's career", and the yet-to-be-seen 'Dallas Buyers Club', for which he shed 30 pounds to play a HIV patient.


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