David Cameron came under fire on Wednesday for announcing a number of immigration curbs in the Queen's Speech.

A leading UK economist warned it made a mockery of the UK's "open for business" motto.

Perhaps the prime minister would do well to look to history for a number of immigrant success stories that still resonate within our society and on our high streets today.


Mr Cameron, here are just a few entrepreneurial success stories that we simply wouldn't have had in this country without immigrants and immigration...

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  • Cheap Air Travel

    EasyJet founder, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, was born in Greece. Number of employees: 8,446 (in 2012)

  • Those Weirdly Sensual Adverts

    Michael Marks, a Belarusian Jew, came to the UK and teamed up with Thomas Spencer to create M&S. Number of employees: 81,223 (in 2012)

  • That Little Bit Of Extra Help

    Tesco was founded by the son of a Polish immigrant, a certain Mr Jack Cohen. In 1919 he was selling surplus groceries from an East London stall. By 2012 Tesco was worth £24.4 billion. Number of employees: 290,000+

  • Victory Against Napoleon

    Nathan Mayer von Rothschild moved to England from Frankfurt. His London bank was a leading funder of the British government during the Napoleonic Wars.

  • That Beer That Goes So Well With Curry

    Karan Faridoon Bilimoria, or Baron Bilimoria as he is more onomatopoeically known, was born in India before moving to the UK and founding Cobra beer in 1989. Number of employees: 200

  • The Scourge Phrase Of Anyone Who Works In The Service Industry

    Harry Gordon Selfridge moved to the UK from Wisconsin and founded the incredibly popular department store that bears his name. He is credited with coining the phrase: "The customer is always right." Number of employees: 3000

  • Everyone's Favourite Blackcurrant-Based Drink

    Half of the company that produce Ribena, GSK, was initially founded in the UK by American pharmacists Henry Wellcome and Silas Burroughs in 1888. They also produce a substantial amount of the drugs you'll find in your medicine cabinet. Number of employees: 97,389

  • A Lot Of Asset Management

    £236.5 billion worth in fact. Johann Heinrich Schröder was born in Germany before moving to the UK and founding Schroders in 1818. Number of employees: 3,012

  • Smartphones (well, they wouldn't be as good)

    Austrian-born Herman Hauser founded UK company Acorn Computers. In 1990, a joint venture between Acorn and Apple formed ARM Holdings. ARM are a behemoth in today's tech world so chances are your smartphone contains a CPU made by them. Number of employees: 2,000

  • As Much Advertising Everywhere

    Born in the UK to a Russian-Romanian Jewish family, Martin Sorrell took over shopping basket manufacturer <a href="https://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/events/2012/01/22/sir-martin-sorrell-2012-and-beyond/" target="_blank">WPP in 1985 and turned it into an advertising monolith.</a>