Following the announcement by Chancellor George Osborne that the next Star Wars film, Episode VII, would be filmed in the UK in 2015, Twitter embarked on a trend that saw lines from the famous franchise given a distinctly British flavouring.

Here are some of the best of #britishstarwars. Yes - these are the tweets you're looking (waves hand).

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  • Zorro P Freely

    May The Fourth, Fifth or Sixth. No actually, what with the Bank Holiday, make it May The Tenth Be With You #BritishStarWars

  • Joseph Wilde

    i find your lack of faith unsurprising #britishstarwars

  • Gary Slaymaker

    EastEndors #britishstarwars

  • Lydia Ferres

    You must work to claim Jobseeker's Allowance? IT'S A TRAP!! #britishstarwars

  • Declan Hargreaves

    #britishstarwars "The next shuttle to the Jedi Temple has been cancelled, please use the replacement bus service provided"

  • Robert Ball

    The Empire Strikes #britishstarwars

  • Peter Naldrett

    #britishstarwars Will somebody get this walking Carpetright out of my way?

  • R

    "No hyperdrive?" "It's not my fault. I took it to the Rover dealership for a service only last week." #britishstarwars

  • Craig Cathcart

    Ewok Wedding Blasted By Rebel Friendly Fire: 'Collateral damage a price worth paying' claims spokesman #britishstarwars

  • Peter Harrison

    #britishstarwars "You’ve never heard of the Mini? It’s the car that made the milk run in less than 12 miles."

  • Jake Bambrough

    #britishstarwars Luke Skywalker arrested by Operation Yewtree officers after he was heard to say "there is good in him, I have felt it"

  • I'm Atticus

    #OsbornesStarWars Help me Ed Balls. You’re my only hope. #britishstarwars

  • Alex Ford

    These are making my day. #BritishStarWars

  • I'm Atticus

    #OsbornesStarWars Houses of Parliament ' You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy' #britishstarwars

  • paul bassett davies

    #BritishStarWars "I feel a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out because Alex Ferguson resigned."

  • Greg Jenner

    #britishstarwars "is the Death Star operational yet?" "No, my Lord, we were denied planning permission. We are currently appealing."

  • Tiernan Douieb

    #britishstarwars 'Youre a little short for a Stormtrooper aren't you?' 'Im a community support officer.'

  • tom jamieson

    "Luke, I am your...gosh, this is awkward, I'm your...umm...bloody hell, I'm your...did you see the Spurs game on Saturday? #britishstarwars