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Jamie Oliver Praises Ukip For 'Stirring It Up'

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Jamie Oliver has praised Ukip, saying he "loves" the way Nigel Farage's party is "stirring it up".

The Naked Chef made a rare foray into politics, saying he was "disillusioned" with David Cameron's government because of a lack of support for his healthy eating crusade.

Nigel Farage
Jamie Oliver says UKIP are 'pukka' as we keep stirring up the establishment

Pointing to the death of Magaret Thatcher and Ukip's performance in the local elections, he told the Sunday Times: "With Thatcher dying and seeing how we reacted to her death and then how Ukip did, I think it is part of the same stuff.

“I think the public reacts to clarity and single-mindedness.

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“I know I should be careful what I say but I do believe politics has got more squashed in the middle and samey. What I love is that Ukip are stirring it up.

jamie oliver ukip

'I know I should be careful what I say'

“Now they have got my interest and I will listen to them – and I don’t think anyone would before.

“It is a clear sign from the public that they want someone to have a view.

“I think the public want prisons sorted out properly, I think they want hospitals sorted out properly."

Chris Bryant
I've really gone off Jamie Oliver.

On the economy, Oliver added: "We have tried a few things in the recession and I think they are question-marking whether we are going down the right path. I think Ukip have changed the path for the next two years.”

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