Fans are mourning worldwide as football bids adieu to one of its most famous players. But as David Beckham's interviews shows, he wasn't just a fine footballer - he was also often (unintentionally) funny.

Take a look through some of the most memorable funny lines uttered by - and about - Becks:

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  • The Gaz Coombes

  • The Chris Hemsworth

  • The Mohican/Ferret-On-Head

  • The Toupee

  • The Formal Half-Ponytail

  • The Long-Lost Goss Brother

  • The Ninja

  • The Double Ponytail

  • The Girly/Macho Combo

  • The Hoxton Fing

  • The Corn Rows

  • The Guy Ritchie Mobster

  • The Julian Sands

  • The William Fitzsimmons

  • The World's Prettiest Hard Man

  • The Early Take That

  • The Folky

  • The Musketeer