Prom (or leavers' ball to us UK peeps) can go two ways: swimmingly, or ground-swallow-me disastrously.

And, on Jimmy Fallon's Late Night show (you know, that really big one in the US), there were plenty of squirmingly-awkward prom stories. After asking his ridiculously-big Twitter following to tweet him with an #AwkwardPromStory, Fallon was inundated with replied, ranging from slightly amusing to nose-snortingly hilarious.

Even Fallon presented his offerings, tweeting: "My date went tanning the night before. I did not. I looked like Powder. #awkwardpromstory", along with this painfully dated picture..


But by far our fave came from Axel Gutierrez, who tweeted a picture of him and his prom date (amazing dress, btw) posing for a picture which was monumentally spoilt by his dog taking a dump.


Not an ideal moment to do a poo

To save you the hassle of trawling through the hashtag, we've gathered up the best into a lovely little gallery.

Tweet your stories to @HPUKStudents with the #AwkwardPromStory hashtags and we'll publish! Or, you could post them on our Facebook wall. Whatevs.


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  • Bill McClellan

    Recalling prom night where my girlfriend and prior girlfriend were the only 2 wearing the same dress. #awkwardpromstory

  • Keya Bonnette

    #awkwardpromstory sneaking in at 6 was supposed to be a breeze. Its messed up when my mom is sitting on my bed when I fall in the window.

  • Tahddd

    #awkwardpromstory went to prom with a porn star. Didn't get laid

  • Ashley Nunnenkamp

    #awkwardpromstory my dress "malfunctioned"...thank god my date had duct tap. #shitfarmkidssay

  • Kara Carrero

    Got a text at 2am while on a party bus from my ex... it said "looks like you're having fun. great hair btw" #awkwardpromstory #stalker

  • Jordan Kelsey

    My date was breathalyzer twice because of his dance moves #awkwardpromstory

  • Meg Fisher

    At 15 blind date at boy's academy outside ballroom in new strapless gown he tried to jam hand down bodice had to deck him #awkwardpromstory

  • LanceCrithfield

    #awkwardpromstory Getting kicked out before you even walk in because your date appeared to be someone who Might spike the punch!

  • Rachael Miller

    My mom had to chaperone my senior prom and brought my dad as her date. Talk about a buzz kill! #awkwardpromstory

  • MBL

    When it was time to slow dance, my prom date asked, "Why aren't you looking into my eyes?" #awkwardpromstory @LateNightJimmy

  • Haley Williams

    Got the cops called on us for being too loud. My friend kept hitting on the cop and asking him to join us in the hot tub #awkwardpromstory

  • Kate Murdoch

    My date took me to Hooters for dinner. #awkwardpromstory

  • Cori Brennan

    My bf/prom date was hitting on all my friends the whole night... we broke up 2 days later #awkwardpromstory

  • Becky Wiechman

    Was going to go w/ friends but they all got dates last minute. Jerks. So I took a pizza delivery guy to prom. True story. #awkwardpromstory

  • Emma Easton

    My #awkwardpromstory, my friend didn't have a sticky bra so we used duct tape. She almost lost a nip.

  • Cayla Walker

    Kicking your best friends fake toenails off in the party bus #awkwardpromstory

  • Kira Bentson

    @jimmyfallon @LateNightJimmy My mother chaperoned and attempted fixing my hoop on the dance floor(ENOUGH SAID)#awkwardpromstory

  • Kiley Dunning

    #awkwardpromstory seeing Alana's granny panties through her dress when we went out to dinner 🙈

  • sarah hammond

    @jimmyfallon #awkwardpromstory my prom. a girl walked by and my boyfriend waved. i asked who she was and he replied-I banged her let's dance

  • Larissa

    @jimmyfallon my date said he loved me and I barely knew him..... #awkwardpromstory

  • PJ Deredin

    It was grade 8 prom, I was dancing with a girl, I got a chub, she noticed and we went to different high schools. #awkwardpromstory

  • Melinda Childress

    @jimmyfallon At least your date didn't become Prom King, kiss Prom Queen w/ you in the audience, then take you home early #awkwardpromstory

  • Jaimie B.

    Knowing that you were the back up plan... #awkwardpromstory @jimmyfallon

  • Melissa Salmon

    @jimmyfallon I put my shawl on the table, didn't realize a candle was there, and set it on fire. #awkwardpromstory

  • Anna Houvenagle

    @jimmyfallon I had such a bad soccer tan it showed up in pictures that my mom made me wear gloves #awkwardpromstory

  • Luis German

    I ironed my Hair for prom and ended up looking like bolivian president Evo Morales #oops #vzla #awkwardpromstory

  • Teddy Beckersted

    My date to the 2001' Junior Prom got picked up and left during the prom with the Football Captain -THE CAPTAIN FROM 1995! #awkwardpromstory

  • Alyssa Lynne

    @jimmyfallon The hypnotist hired to distract us from drinking booze and having sex post-prom fell asleep driving #awkwardpromstory

  • Shilpa Ramesh

    Wanted a date to prom so I wouldn't have to dance alone. I learned that night, my date was only into break dancing... #awkwardpromstory

  • Kasey Bug

    @jimmyfallon I ran out of the bathroom with my spanx only half way pulled up when I heard "Party in the USA" #awkwardpromstory #LateNight