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Adolf Hitler Kettle: J.C. Penny Advert Looks Like Nazi Fuhrer (PICTURE)

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American retailer J.C. Penny has been criticised on Twitter and Reddit for advertising a kettle that bore a remarkable similarity to Adolf Hitler.

The 10-foot tall billboard, which stands on the 405 highway in Southern California, has led several motorists to stop and take pictures, posting images of the water-boiling Nazi appliance across microblogging sites.

The billboard, pictured alongside a blurred version. (Photo via Imgur)

The stainless steel advert is also displayed on the company’s website. Naturally, Twitter offered plenty of comment on the Fuhrer-shaped stainless steel water boiler.

Alexis Irvin
Hitler Kettle it's nice to know use as much oversight on their billboards as their fiscal strategy

Ryan Wilson
Ooops - *Ad-Exec gets fired... “@stephenfry: A kettle. That looks like Hitler. Just because. (via )

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