So Boris Johnson's put it out there and said Oxford University should have a Margaret Thatcher college, to which Oxford has politely told him to get lost.

It seems announcing a Margaret Thatcher scholarship just isn't enough for some people.

The university even has a whole page on its website dedicated to women at Oxford, and special mentions go to Nobel Chemistry Prize winner Dorothy Hodgkin and broadcaster Zeinab Badawi.

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Should Oxford create a Margaret Thatcher college in her honour?


But Boris aside, we wanted to know who you thought would make a good female figure to name a college after. We asked, and you did delivered:

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  • yousseff

    @HPUKStudents ok rosa luxemburg then

  • Dimple Vijaykumar

    @HPUKStudents Mary Seacole.

  • CllrMickRoche

    @HPUKStudents @HuffPostUK Mo Mowlam

  • Pumpkin

    @lucy_aitken @HPUKStudents @LeanInOrg yes great point. Camila Batmanghelidjh would be good & you'd hope Ox ungrads would spell correctly...

  • Ben

    "@HPUKStudents: So Boris has called for a Maggie Thatcher college at Oxford. Are there any other women you think would be more suitable?nope

  • TheRealThunderChild

    @HPUKStudents @HuffPostUK Mary Woolstonecraft. The hyena in petticoats.

  • Barnaby Wilde

    @HPUKStudents @HuffPostUK Emmeline Pankhurst.

  • Lucy Aitken

    @PumpkinLondon @HPUKStudents Sheryl Sandberg

  • Lucy Aitken

    @PumpkinLondon @HPUKStudents Less for FB, more for @LeanInOrg which is promoting equality in the workplace and encouraging women to lead

  • Jamie Lloyd

    @HPUKStudents Elizabeth Fry; repair the damage done by taking her off the notes.

  • Andy Ram

    @HPUKStudents Lucy Pinder

  • Willow May

    RT @MikefromLFE: @HPUKStudents @HuffPostUK Almost any other woman

  • XTFX Ltd

    @HPUKStudents @HuffPostUK yes! how about Emmeline Pankhurst or Emily Wilding Davison for starters?

  • Minnie Clark

    @HPUKStudents Thatcher would be good, but what about alumni like Aung San suu kyi? She is very inspiring, although a long college name!