Eight Incredibly Cute Pictures Of Owls Ahead Of International Owl Day

05/06/2013 15:29 BST
Tawny owl chicks in Kielder Forest, Northumberland. The tawny owl population in one of the UK's largest forests is booming as a result of the harsh winter, a Forestry Commission expert said today.

So it's not international owl awareness day until the 4th of August, but with the sun shining and everyone still stuck inside at work (and owls being so adorable and all) we thought we would cheer you all up with some cute pictures of owls!

Their big eyes, their goofy beaks and their incredibly expressive faces... what's not to like about owls? From burrowing owls to tiny fluffy owlets, take a look at these eight pictures of owls and start planning your owl party now!