Chris Hadfield Retires From Astronaut Life, Space Fans Shed A Tear

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We at HuffPost UK Tech were very sad when Commander Chris Hadfield came down from the International Space Station (ISS) so we are devastated to hear he will never be going back up.

After setting the world alight with his countless tweets, photos, amazing demonstrations - not to mention 'That David Bowie Rendition' - the great Canadian is retiring.

At a press conference inside the Canadian Space Agency's (CSA) headquarters near Montreal, Hadfield told a raptured crowd he was ending his 21-year astronaut career so he could move back home.

Chris Hadfield
To say goodbye to these good people today was much harder than I expected.

He said: "I’m making good on a promise I made my wife nearly 30 years ago — that yes, eventually, we would be moving back to Canada."

He added through a statement from the CSA: "I am extremely proud to have shared my experience.

"I will continue to reinforce the importance of space exploration through public speaking and will continue to visit Canadian schools through the CSA."

Hadfield spent five months aboard the ISS and became somewhat of a social media space pioneer as well as recording the first ever album made in space.

chris hadfield retires

Hadfield on his return to Earth

Candian Parliamentary Secretary Chris Alexander said: "His efforts have affirmed our country’s world-renowned space expertise," reports Universe Today.

"I would like to personally thank Chris for his commitment to bringing the spirit of discovery not only to all Canadians, but to the world.”

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