Not sure about the English Defence League's message? Confused about what they believe in? Allow them to explain it all in the video above.

(Video made for The Huffington Post UK by Handface, David Schneider and Robin Flavell.)


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  • 1. Before settling on 'EDL', other acronyms they considered included 'WTF' (White Travelling Fascists) and 'FML' (Fascist Militant Loonies).

  • 2. All would-be members of the EDL are required to take an IQ test. If they score above 90, they're not allowed to join.

  • 3. Men also have to pass a physical exam, as nobody with a penis larger than three inches is allowed to join the EDL.

  • 4. When surveyed, 50% of EDL supporters thought that Sharia Law was a soap actress.

  • 5. Celebrity supporters of the EDL include Fungus The Bogeyman (pictured).

  • 6. Many EDL members believe that if they wear a flag as a cape, they are able to fly. Numerous self-inflicted injuries have been caused as a result.

  • 7. EDL leader Tommy Robinson's real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. He chose the names Tommy and Robinson in tribute to his favourite Who musical and his favourite jam.

  • 8. Tommy Robinson once went on a hunger strike. It lasted less than 24 hours. <em>(This is a true fact!)</em>

  • 9. 100% of EDL members have never read the Koran.

  • 10. The most common cause of injury to an EDL member is suffocating on their own flags.