This week, men voted fake tan and heavy make-up among the biggest first date turn-offs.

Now, ladies, before you go up in arms, HuffPost UK Lifestyle have already devised a comeback for the men who responded to's irritating survey.

The research was just a teeny bit one-sided. And so, in the interest of gender equality, we wanted to give the ladies a chance to respond.

Taking to Facebook and Twitter, we asked our female readers tell us their biggest first date turn-offs.

It didn't take long to unearth some pretty awful experiences, from dirty, long finger nails to bad breath.

It's enough to put you off dating full-stop.

Ladies, over to you.

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  • "One first date who didn't meet my gaze or look me in the face. The. Entire. Night." - Jody Thompson, blog editor, HuffPost UK

  • "Being late!" - Helen Grayson, HuffPost UK reader

  • "V necked sweater over v necked shirt and shit shoes" - Jen M Michel, HuffPost UK reader

  • "Poor hygiene" - Jane Dale-beaumont

  • "Lack of conversation" - Joni Spring

  • "Talking about their ex" - Nicki 'Nid' Rawson

  • "A weak handshake" - Emily DeCrescenzi

  • "Bad shoes" - Katie Jones, deputy editor, MyDaily (Seconded by Ellen Stewart, celebrity writer, MyDaily) (Thirded by Jane Davies Crap, HuffPost UK reader)

  • "Was your dad a farmer? Because you've got a lovely pair of melons" - said to Ellen Stewart, celebrity writer, MyDaily

What would turn you off on a first date? Let us know in the comments below.