Syria's civil war, the global economy and international relations.

All thoroughly important issues being covered as world leaders converge in Northern Ireland for the G8 Summit.

But what crucial things have we learned so far...

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  • Obama is so cool he can high-five God

  • The G8 leaders are clearly conduits for malevolent sky lords

  • Cameron's left shoulder has a personality all of it's own, communicating with him in mysteriously evil tones making the PM paranoid and distinctly uncomfortable in front of his world leader chums.

  • Obana's nuclear arsenal is bigger than Cameron's.

  • Cameron is worried that Obama's nuclear arsenal is bigger his.

  • Cameron's artistic ability is even more mockable than his nuclear arsenal.

  • George Osborne wears a thong.

  • The acceptable distance apart to start a slow-mo movie man-hug is approximately four paces.

  • Although don't lean in too soon or you'll just look daft.

  • But once you're there it's all about MANLINESS

  • Or sometimes the tongue...

  • The Yanks lied.

  • Putin can tolerate dry corneas the longest.

  • American presidents are no longer afraid of grassy knolls.