Whether you've been to the Glastonbury Festival or not, you'll no doubt know that it often consists of mud, music and more mud. Occasionally there's glorious sunshine... which dries up the mud. Before it rains again. Causing mud.

But whether the Glastonbury weather is raining or shining - and whether you're in the crowd or on stage - we think you can learn a few things from these people who have got it right at the festival over the years...

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  • 1. This man

  • 2. This pianist

  • 3&4. This couple

  • 5. This kid

  • 6&7. Bez and Damien Hirst in the boot of a car

  • 8. Injured Jessie J

  • 9-11. These pods of peas

  • 12. This dog

  • 13. Shirley Bassey in her wellies

  • 14. Michael Eavis in his DJ

  • 15. Iggy Pop on top of a PA

  • 16. This man with a dry ticket and programme

  • 17&18. These people

  • 19&20. These aliens

  • 21. Kate Moss, drinking a can of Red Stripe

  • 22. This boy

  • 23. This fairy

  • 24. This man

  • 25. This woman, who's brought a good book along with her

  • 26. Seasick Steve, drinking out of a wine bottle