Wimbledon fortnight is upon us again. And with it comes strawberries, cream and the entire nation's hopes resting one man's shoulders. That's right: everyone's favourite British/Scottish tennis player, Andy Murray.

So here's our handy pictorial guide to some of Andy's finest facial expressions. From the "get in!" to the "can you hear me, God?" click through our slideshow of classic Murray looks...

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  • The "come on!"

  • The "close shave"

  • The "nooooo!"

  • The "cho-choo train"

  • The "fingers crossed"

  • The "you cannot be serious"

  • The "catching some rays"

  • The "sh**"

  • The "uh-oh"

  • The "screw you, doubters!"

  • The "oh yes"

  • The "you idiot!"

  • The "I am Andy, here me roar"

  • The "are you listening, God?"

  • The "thank f***"

  • The "get in!"

  • The "I need a shave"

  • The "you can do it!"

  • The "little kid"

  • The "smile of champions"

  • The "doh!"

  • The "take that"

  • The "how do clothes work?"

  • The "are you talkin' to me?"

  • The "athlete"